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3rd AA-TP Stakeholder Conference on Capacity Development

30/05  | 9am – 1pm BRT

Organizer: Werner Ekau and Ana Rei
Main contacts: Ana Rei | Werner Ekau

Coordinating marine life observations to support conservation, restorarion, and equitable sustainable development

03/06 | 9:30am – 11am BRT

Organizers: Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) / Atlantic International Research Centre (AIR Centre; Portugal)

Main contacts: Joana Soares | Frank Muller-Karger

Description: The side-event will review co-design strategies conducted under the MBON for local observations of marine biodiversity, using a basin-scale framework for interoperability, building on GOOS cues and data guidelines from OBIS/OBPS. Also, monitoring projects that develop indicators to support decision-making about marine ecosystem services and nature-based solutions for climate change will be considered. The goal is to better manage ocean uses and satisfy reporting for (inter)national frameworks.

Harnessing Marine Microbiomes & Biotechnology for a Changing World

03/06 | 11am – 2pm BRT

Organizer: Marine Microbiome Working Group & All-Atlantic Marine Biotechnology Initiative

Main contacts: Kelly Goodwin | Fabiano Thompson

Description: This session will gather perspectives on opportunities and research directions for marine microbiomes from a management, industry, and research outlook. Needs will be identified and solutions discussed on economic, human resource, and technological perspectives. The session will include representation from industry, funding bodies, government, youth, and indigenous groups and conclude with a discussion on future opportunities in environmental health, aquaculture, human health, and knowledge.

All Atlantic COASTal observIng and technology NETwork-AA-COASTNET

07/06 | 9am – 12:30pm BRT

Organizer: All-Alantic Marine Research Infrastructure Network – AA-MARINET

Main contacts: Moacyr Araujo | Laurent Delauney

Description: The workshop will address the identified topics that are of prime interest to accomplish AA-COASNET Plan to emulate an All Atlantic synergy for coastal observation. The workshop will be organized in two main sessions: 1. Morning session: Presentation of the advances of each coastal observation network with respect to AA-COASNET objectives and planned steps; 2. Afternoon session: Discussion, wrap-up, and next steps.

Download the agenda for this event here.

You can find all the information about this project here.

Taking decisions under deep uncertainty: the role of integrated ecosystem assessments of the Atlantic Ocean

09/06 | 10am – 1pm BRT / 3-6pm CEST

Organizer: Mission Atlantic

Main contacts: Patrizio Mariani | Ivo Grigorov

Description: Taking decisions under deep uncertainty: the role of integrated ecosystem assessments of the Atlantic Ocean

To make informed decisions for the management of marine ecosystems we need to establish the relationships between environmental change, biodiversity, society, economy, and the financial system to better understand the nature and degree of the system’s vulnerability and associated risks, especially those that derive from uncertainty. Furthermore, methods and tools must be developed to understand and react to how these risks interact with each other and their evolution over time.

In this side event, we will discuss how different actors have identified methods to make decisions under deep uncertainties in the Blue Economy. This will include assessment of ocean risks to support the insurance and financial systems, management of marine living resources and fish stock assessment methods, and operationalization of integrated ecosystem assessment across large geographic regions. Novel tools to support decisions under deep uncertainties will be discussed focusing on the Atlantic Ocean but in the context of global ocean challenges.

With this as the background, the aim of this side event is to advance our ability to provide scientific advice to management and provide concrete perspectives by orienting the discussions and activities on Ocean Risk Management. The focus of this side event is thus an emerging priority area for the All-Atlantic Ocean Research & Innovation Alliance.

Capacity building for plastic pollution monitoring and mitigation on the Brazilian Coast

10/06 | 2pm – 5pm BRT

Organizer: Grupo de pesquisa Lixo no Mar / Brazilian Marine Litter Sience Patch

Main contacts: José Eduardo Martinelli Filho | Alexander Turra

Description: Plastic pollution is an emergent threat to aquatic environments and mankind itself. Despite the huge and recent academic knowledge produced in the last decade, there are many gaps, and supportive strategies are needed to build a more consistent and integrated research at the Brazilian coast. The side event aims to strengthen an established group, to elaborate directions for a science towards mitigation of the plastic related impacts, bringing together the different societal sectors.

Co-Design in the Atlantic

13/06 | 9am – 10am BRT

Organizer: AtlantOS

Main contacts: Ann-Christine Zinkann | Mariana Rocha De Souza

Description: The AtlantOS Program aims to advance Atlantic basin-scale ocean observing co-design by supporting collaborative partnerships among the observing community and users. This side-event will address what co-design means and propose priority working group user areas in the Atlantic. During the event, AtlantOS is seeking input on implementing time-limited thematic working groups that are focused around user areas and are strongly end-user driven to serve and benefit user needs.



Science Diplomacy and Youth

11/07 | 2pm – 6pm

Organizers: Stefan Fritz; Wendy Namisnik (youth ambassadors)

Main contacts: Stefan Fritz

Description: The focus of this side event is to explore best practices concerning the role of science and innovation in the exploration and sustainable development of the Atlantic Ocean and its coastal areas.

Invitation only.

Research Cooperation from Pole to Pole

12/07 | 9am – 1.30pm

Organizers: Jose Moutinho; Nicole Biebow; Anneli Strobel; Florence Coroner; Sofia Soares Cordeiro.

Main contacts: Jose Moutinho | Nicole Biebow | Anneli Strobel | Florence Coroner | Sofia Soares Cordeiro

Description: This workshop follows the first workshop on Polar Research Cooperation, which took place at the All Atlantic Ministerial and Stakeholder Conference in 2021. Here we discussed with several
AANCHOR partners how we can better cooperate in Polar Research (Arctic and Antarctic/Southern Ocean) and infrastructures. One of the outcomes of the workshop was that we need to follow up and discuss common scientific priorities in more detail to have a solid base for future cooperation and possible sharing of infrastructures. We would like to use this event to inform our participants about our research priorities and to discuss how we can cooperate better in the future. Join us and discuss Polar research priorities and cooperation possibilities within AANCHOR with us.

Download the agenda for this event here.

Invitation only.

The All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance – the way forward of our ocean science cooperation

13/07 | 4pm – 6pm

Organizer: Sofia Cordeiro

Main contacts: Sofia Cordeiro

Description: In this event, we’ll discuss how to engage a broad range of stakeholders in the AAORIA community to further strengthen the Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Cooperation
Also, it will be discussed which innovative and transformative solutions we believe can be achieved in the next 5 years inside the scope of your Alliance activities.

Download the agenda for this event here.

Invitation only.

Connecting Communities: Partnering on Ocean Health to Address Climate Change

14/07 | 3.30pm – 5.30pm

Organizers: Helen Boles; Peter Heffernan; Sigi Gruber

Main contacts: Helen Boles | Peter Heffernan

Description: Prioritizing ocean health is crucial to designing and implementing policies that will protect millions of people from the extreme weather that climate change threatens to bring. What role can policymakers, research institutions, and professionals play in connecting communities to address this urgent sustainability challenge? And how can we ensure our communities work together for an integral ecology promoting human dignity and care for our common home?

For more than a decade, the European Union, thanks in part to the support of Ireland, has worked with Brazil, Canada, South Africa, the United States, and other countries to create an All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance. This initiative connects researchers and communities from the Arctic to Antarctica. Now, insights from this partnership can inspire important intergenerational conversations.

Join us for a panel discussion and hear insights from experts, who will explore these topics. This conversation will celebrate the signing of the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Declaration hosted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and US Department of State.

Download the agenda for this event here.

This event is open to everybody, and it will be streamed online.

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